Motto: Towards the perfect man

Aims and objective: Study worship, service, witness and Recreation

Achievements: Planting of churches like St. Peters Church Ukpata, Umulokpa Parish


Year of Inauguration             –           1994

Past leaders                            –           Secretaries and Chaplains

1994 – 2001                           –           Silas Nwodo                          –           Leader

Gabriel Ajibo                                    –           Secretary

Rev. Emma Onah                 –           Chaplain


1996 – 1999                           –           Rev. Canon B.O.I Ilo            –           Chaplain

2001 – 2009                           –           Gabriel Ajibo                         –           Leader

–           Emmanuel Amoke                 –           Secretary

Rev. Canon C.S Amoke       –           Chaplain

2009 – 2010                           –           Evang. Chineme Eze              –           Leader

–          Sis. Kindness Ugbabe            –           Secretary

–          Rev. Daniel Odezue               –           Chaplain

2010 – Till date                      –           Evang. Chineme Eze              –           Leader

–          Bernard Ezema                      –           Secretary

–          Rev. Canon Chris Ike Nnadi             –           Chaplain




  • Building of Human resources among the Youth through training
  • Church workshops, revivals and youth fellowship formation or planting in the Churches, Parishes and Archdeaconries.
  • Organization of Youth Rallies where talents are being hunted.



To be youths seasoned with the word of God.

To be useful youths in both our weak and urban Churches

To redesign the mindset of the youths from wordily to godly youths

To create a conducive relationship among other youth groups in the church and to curb unhealthy relationship among these organizations.